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Why Strength-Based?

Just have a few minutes for us today? If you remember just one thing about strength-based coaching, we hope it is this: “Teach your child to fish, and feed her for a lifetime.” Strength-based coaching involves providing your child the tools – not the homework answers – he or […]

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KCTV5 Series on Heartscope

  2012 Series Update: Devin Interviewed at Heartscope Most recently, KCTV5 featured sixteen year old Devin Scott who revealed he was initially skeptical of brain training, but now wishes he had started several years ago. Week Three – Week Two – Week One – Additional Links For KCTV-5 […]

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Non-medication Options for ADHD

… Do I Really Have To Medicate My Child? Maybe. But doesn’t it make sense to first investigate other, less invasive, options? Or if you do choose medication, perhaps there are steps you can take to reduce the daily dosage? Because reducing dosage usually means reducing side-effects as […]

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Solve A Problem

… Many students reveal to us that they feel physically and emotionally exhausted. Why do children making good grades say they “feel dumb”? Why. even after weekly pep talks by parents and teachers to “believe in” themselves, do kids admit to us that they feel worse, not better? After all, […]

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Harvard MBHE Lecture Series

Here are Tom’s powerpoints from his Harvard lecture series in March 2013. Tom was a guest of Dr Stephanie Peabody, Executive Director, International Mind, Brain, Health and Education Initiative. The first lecture covers brain ‘training’, the second (below) covers brain ‘coaching’. The third set of slides (green) comes […]